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Khissamutdinova Aisulu I.


1. The main research subjects
sedimentology, geodynamics, structural analysis, paleoreconstruction, Western Kamchatka.

2. Education
2001 - 2006 Ц Geological prospecting department of Russian State Geological prospecting University.
Master thesis "Geological structure of country between two rivers Utholok Ц Napana (O-57-XIX-XX, West Kamchatka) and project of geochemical mapping in the context geological survey of area in scale 1: 200 000" adviser - Prof. V.M. Tseisler and A.V.Soloviev. Speciality - engineer-geologist, specialization - geological mapping, research and exploration of minerals deposits.

3. Experience
2004-2006 - researcher in Geological Institute (Russian Academy of Sciences)
2006-now - researcher and post-graduate student in Geological Institute (Russian Academy of Sciences), adviser - A.V.Soloviev

Field areas

2004 Ц Aluchin ultrabasite massive (Chukotka, North-East of Russia) lithogeochemical research, prospecting for platinum
2005-2006 Ц Western Kamchatka, Mesozoic and Cainozoic sediments as possible oil reservoir rocks

4. Grants, awards.
2005 Ц diploma of prof. V.I.Smirnov found
2006 Ц probation in Memorial University (Newfoundland, Canada)

A. I. Khisamutdinovaa, A. V. Solov'eva, b, and D. V. Rozhkova Provenance Analysis for Middle Eocene Sediments in the West Kamchatka Sedimentary Basin (Tigil Area) Lithology and Mineral Resources, 2016, Vol. 51, No. 4, pp. 310Ц332.
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