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Khissamutdinova Aisulu I.


1. The main research subjects
sedimentology, geodynamics, structural analysis, paleoreconstruction, Western Kamchatka.

2. Education
2001 - 2006 – Geological prospecting department of Russian State Geological prospecting University.
Master thesis "Geological structure of country between two rivers Utholok – Napana (O-57-XIX-XX, West Kamchatka) and project of geochemical mapping in the context geological survey of area in scale 1: 200 000" adviser - Prof. V.M. Tseisler and A.V.Soloviev. Speciality - engineer-geologist, specialization - geological mapping, research and exploration of minerals deposits.

3. Experience
2004-2006 - researcher in Geological Institute (Russian Academy of Sciences)
2006-2008 - researcher and post-graduate student in Geological Institute (Russian Academy of Sciences), adviser — A.V.Soloviev
present time research stuff, acting head of the laboratory, laboratory researcher of the GIN RAS.

Field areas

2004 – Aluchin ultrabasite massive (Chukotka, North-East of Russia) lithogeochemical research, prospecting for platinum
2005-2006 – Western Kamchatka, Mesozoic and Cainozoic sediments as possible oil reservoir rocks

4. Grants, awards.
2005 – diploma of prof. V.I.Smirnov found
2006 – probation in Memorial University (Newfoundland, Canada)


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Original Russian Text © A.I. Khisamutdinova, A.V. Solov’ev, D.V. Rozhkova, 2016, published in Litologiya i Poleznye Iskopaemye, 2016, No. 4, pp. 359–383.