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The projects and grants of our laboratory

The employees of laboratory take part in as Russian, so and international project and grants. Laboratory conducts the joint studies with Union College (Schenectady, New York, USA) - Prof. J.I.GARVER, with Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut, USA) -Prof. M.T.BRANDON, Prof. P.V.RAYNERS, with Santa Cruz University of California -Dr. J.H.HOURIGAN, with Stanford University (Sanford, California, USA) - Prof. E.MILLER.

Main recent grants and projects:

2002-2004 - Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research № 02-05-64967 " Application of the fission-track dating of zircon and apatite for solving of the tectonic problems", PI - Dr. A.V.Soloviev;
2003-2005 - Project of the Earth Research Branch of RAS "Isotope geology: geochronology and material sources" (Program 6), PI - Dr. A.V.Soloviev;
2004-2006 - Grant CRDF #RG1-2568-MO-03, "The development of fission-track dating laboratory at Geological Institute (Russian Academy of Sciences)." - PIs - Prof. J.I.Garver, Dr. A.V.Soloviev;
2005-2007 - Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research №05-05-64066 " Tectonic evolution of metamorphic core complexes on convergent plate boundaries: geochronology, structural analysis, modeling " - PI - Dr. A.V.Solovie
2012-2013 - Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research № 12-05-31299 "Paleogene stage of development of the north-eastern part of the Okhotsk Sea: Lithology, chronology, paleogeography, oil and gas " – PI – Khisamutdinova A.I.
2013-2015 - Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research № 13-05-00485 "Construction and destruction orogenic systems: relationship between endogenous and exogenous processes (example from Sea of Okhotsk region) " - PI - Dr. A.V.Soloviev.