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The direction of studies

1. Mane subject of laboratory research

Application of mineral and fission-track methods for study of the tectonic processes.

2. Main stages of planned work.

2005 - Tectonic evolution of metamorphic core complex. As the example was taken the Sredinnyi Range, Kamchatka;
2006 - Rates of tectonic processes (Kamchatka, South-Anyuyskaya zone,Crimea);
2007 - reconstruction of thermal history of sedimentary basins (Kamchatka, South Koryak, South-Anui zone, Crimea ).

3. Practical value of planned results, possible applications.

Quantitative description of tectonic processes is important for mineral resources prospecting.
Reconstruction of thermal history of sedimentary basins is important for estimation of hydrocarbon potentials and prospecting of oil and gas.

Additional directions of laboratory studies:

1. Accessory minerals - indicators of geological processes (the leader Dr. V.V.Lyahovich);
2. Development of mineral and fission track methods (the leaders Dr. V.V. Lyahovich and Dr. A.V.Soloviev).